Taiwan Agriculture TechnoMart (TATM, https://tatm.moa.gov.tw), the first agricultural technology licensing platform in Taiwan, is sponsored by the commission of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan (Now for the Ministry of Agriculture(MOA)) in 2009. With varied MOA’s research accomplishments in its database, TATM can satisfy all technology needs of the agriculture industries completely. On the strength of plentiful content and convenience, TATM has many thousands of registered members and approximately one million unique visitors. Moreover, TATM also associates with the licensing experts of Agricultural Technology Research Institute to assist the industries in solving their technology requirements. This platform aims to achieve the missions of promoting technology upgrading of agriculture industry and activating the agricultural intellectual property market.

TATM not only provides complete and first hand technology transfer announcements to all industries in time, but also establishes two-way communication channel for the MOA’s research institutes and registered users to facilitate information exchange. All industries and individuals are welcome to use the TATM platform to strengthen their business.


TATM offers various functions and services to meet the needs of industries, including:

  • Providing information about the MOA’s popular agricultural innovations;
  • Announcing the government, business and academia collaboration project;
  • Displaying all the MOA’s research accomplishments which can be licensed;
  • Publishing a monthly e-paper covering the latest agriculture R&D news and marketing activities.

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Agricultural Technology Research Institute, ATRI Industrial Development Center, IDC

Address: No.1, Ln. 51, Dahu Rd., Xiangshan Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel:886-3-5185161 Fax:886-3-5185060

Office e-mail:tatm@mail.atri.org.tw

Supervisor:Ministry of Agriculture(MOA)