「Intelligent precision agriculture application system」: Sub-irrigated planter system for potted plants Taoyuan DARES
Electric quantitative sprayer Tainan DARES
Transplanter with variable row spacing Taoyuan DARES
Selection of YY supermale Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus (L.) and its applied to commercial production of all male progenies FRI
Production management technology of TLRI K9 and TLRI K12 chicken strain cross TLRI
Banana frying and quality improvement technology AFA
Agricultural Exoskeleton
Mass production technology of pickling salted egg yolk with separated egg yolk
preparation method of liposome from aquatic product extract FRI
Domestic sweet potato milk functional drink technology platform AFA
Specific pathogen free seedlings production technology of Hangju (Dendranthema morifolium) TSIPS
The New Variety Nephrolepis Falcata ‘TAITUNG NO.1’ and Green Globular Bodies(GGBS) Propagation Model Taitung DARES
New Phalaenopsis Cultivar ‘Hualien No.1-Pink Apple’ Hualien DARES
The formula of preservative solution for cut flower of Vanda Kaohsiung DARES
Limonium Nandares No.3 Tainan DARES
Attached Two-row Taro Seedling Transplanter Taichung DARES
Integrated Sweet Potato Harvester with Vine Removal attached to Tractor Taoyuan DARES
Jin Pai Gongfu Salted Duck Egg Yolk Powder/ Jin Pai Gongfu Salted Duck Egg Yolk Oil TLRI
Chinese spiranthes gift box TFRI
Pesticide Chlorfenapyr/Difenoconazole Combo Rapid Test Kit TARI