2003/12/31 The automatic zone-shifting type boom-spraying device for green house Taichung DARES
2003/12/31 Procduction Techniques of nutraceutical products on job′s-tears. Taichung DARES
2003/12/31 The technigne of seedling production of Taichung No.2 pear Taichung DARES
2003/12/31 Pest Management Technique of Non-fumigated Chrysanthemum for Export Taichung DARES
2003/12/31 Watermelon Penghu 5 Kaohsiung DARES
2003/12/31 Preservation of grape species for brewing purpose and the related yeasts Taichung DARES
2003/12/31 Development of washing and grading machine for green-bamboo shoots Taoyuan DARES
2003/12/31 Long-lasting High-efficiency Trap Kaohsiung DARES
2002/12/31 Yeast powder for rice wine making Taichung DARES
2002/12/31 Non-destructive On-line Inspection System for Fruits Taoyuan DARES
2002/12/31 The Technique of scion production and prapagation of Taichung NO.1 pear Taichung DARES
2002/12/31 The Development of a new Fresh Edible sugarcane cultivar Taichung No. 1. Taichung DARES
2002/12/31 Grafting system for propagating passion fruits Taichung DARES
2001/12/31 The Development of Tea Bags Using buckwheat. Taichung DARES
2001/12/31 A new patented Antrodia cinnamomea strain and its fermentation process
  Mass culture of microalgae for aquaculture as live food FRI
  Printable seed-paper manufacture TFRI
  Production of cinnamaldehyde and flavonoids from Cinnamomum osmophloeum "cinnamon type" TFRI
  Selection techniques of skin color and egg production in Red Feathered Chicken. TLRI
  The Herbal Compound for Cows Post-natal Care TLRI